USA Custom Guitars Mini-Tele

This is a project for my youngest son.  He really wants an electric guitar.  I gave him a mini Rogue Tele style guitar.  There's just one problem - he's a southpaw.  So I was talking to Tommy at USA Custom guitars and he suggested a Tele body that is reduced in size 15% but still takes normal hardware and stuff.  So on 5/21/2004 the body is ready!  This is the only one of it's kind that I know of.

This is how the body looked when I picked it up:

Primed and the painting has begun!

The kids finished painting the front and the whole body got a few coats of satin poly. The hardware was painted with a special spray paint that gives metal objects an anodized looking finish.  The bridge saddles, pickups, pots, and switch came out of an organ donor Blue Flower Tele.   The bridge plate came from  The neck pickup ring came from  The neck came from the Flamer guitar (it was the original neck).   The tuners are from a Jackson Rhoads hardware kit I bought from  The volume and tone knobs are Nobease that I got from  Here's the final result: