The Flamer

And now we come to the Flamer.  I think it looks neat as heck.  I don't care what the rest of you think!  So there!  It's got an extremely rare red Kahler bridge. 

It originally had a truly horrible neck with "Astro" on the headstock (see below). 

I picked up this Kramer neck up off of Ebay for next to nothing.  I sanded the dorky Kramer Striker/Focus/whatever logo off the painted headstock and stripped the back of the neck.  I then did a few coats of satin wipe-on polyurethane from MinWax.  The neck is scalloped from the 13th fret on down.  The Kramer neck is gone but pics remain (see below).

I picked up a Charvel neck through Ebay which is better suited to this guitar.  It's Kahler nut ready.  So I put the red Kahler nut back on this guitar again.  I think this looks much cooler.

Update 9/23/2006 - now it has a Warmoth Strat neck and more red hardware and a red pickup!

And here it is when it came to me.  Gotta love the "Astro" headstock.  This neck is available :)