Jackson "Stryper" Rhoads

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1992 Jackson USA "Stryper" Rhoads RR-1, (signatures-1 signatures-2), (headstock), (body/neck). Some of you might remember this cool Rhoads from a few years ago. It was sold to a local collector and last week I bought it back, along with a few other nice metal axes. The defining feature on this guitar is obvious - the signature Stryper paint job plus genuine signatures by the four lads themselves. I got this guitar from the original owner around 4 years ago and I don't recall the signature story, only that he presented the guitar to the band and, in a Christian manner, unselfishly signed the guitar. About the finish - original owner paid $300 for it and while it's obviously a professional finish, it's not GMW quality. It's a good finish job - not a fantastic job. About the guitar - absolutely killer shred machine - with Jackson/Schaller Floyd Rose recessed trem, and dual Seymour Duncans, although I forget which models - I'll take a peek underneath if you need to know. As I recall it was a normal layout such as JB/Jazz combination. Cosmetically, not mint but overall pretty nice shape with the points better than average for a Rhoads. Highly recommended for guitarist in a metal band and, of course, any Stryper fan. A new black RR-1 is going to set you back around $2K but this one is a monster player, with one of the most identifiable graphics to come out of the 80's hair metal days, for just $1150. Includes a new Jackson hardshell case that I had ordered for another guitar, thus it's mint.