Ibanez RG Custom

This project came together sort of by accident.  I was given an RG body (not sure which model) by a great fellow on the JCF (thanks Donny!).  Around the same time my eldest son had expressed an interest in painting a guitar. 

That's all it took.  Project commenced. 

The body had some curious markings wood burned into it.  So I filled them and primed the body.  My kids painted the body with art store acrylic paints.  I cleared it with the Minwax water-based polycrylic stuff.  I think the kids did a great job!!!

I scored a really nice maple RG550 neck from an Ebay auction.  Another JCF member came through with the bridge (thanks Ron!).  The bridge was gold so I went ahead and did as much of the hardware in gold as I had parts available.  The tuners, lock nut, and string retainer came from my white JEM.

I got the pickguard from Terrapin Guitars.  I knew I'd want a clear one since the kids were going to paint it.  I also asked Terrapin to do a new truss rod cover in any material they felt like.  I like what they did!

I ordered 3 Dimarzio pickups in crazy colors to go with what I anticipated the paint scheme was going to be (I think I did pretty good picking out pickups).

My son chose the knobs - they're Nobease - the squishy rubbery ones.  Another excellent choice.

Enough talk.  Time for pictures.

Steve Vai signed the headstock!

And the body!