Fender/Warmoth Roland Strat

This guitar started out as a mid 90's Fender USA Strat.  The guy that I bought it from added a Kahler, an internal GK-2 pickup, and Duncan humbuckers in all positions.  The neck ended up getting hosed.  The first replacement neck was a WD Music Zebrawood neck with birdseye maple board.  It was a nice neck but somehow didn't fit my hand.  So I ordered a GMW neck for it.  The Duncan humbuckers have been replaced with Lace Sensor Holy Grails.  I didn't like those so I put on a set of Fender Custom Shop pickups.

5/17/2005 update:

Well this thing has sat disassembled waiting for me to do something with it for a while.  I've had a Warmoth neck for it for a while now - 24 3/4" conversion neck.  Here it is almost finished (again).  Dimarzio EVO in the bridge, Fralin steel pole in the middle, and Duncan Jazz in the neck.



Here it is just before I put the zebrawood neck on.  Sure is a pretty neck!

The GMW neck is on.  Tuners installed.  Nut installed.  String tree installed.  Fender Custom Shop pickups are installed.  I'm just a bunch of setup work away from a really cool guitar.