Group shots


Jam Room

Gear sans pictures

Electronic Drums

For Sale/Wanted

Current Electric Guitars

Gibson Melody Maker

GMW Esquire

GMW Hot Rod Flames

Ibanez JEM 20th

Ibanez JEM7VWH

Jackson NAMM JJ

PRS Al D Prism



PRS McCarty 2Tek

PRS McEagle

PRS Mira 25th Anniversary

PRS Dweezil PS

PRS Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield 25th Anniversary

Ribbecke Halfling

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass

Squier '54 P-Bass

Squier Hello Kitty (pink)

Tyler Variax JTV-89

USA Custom Guitars Dr. Seuss 12-string Tele

Warmoth "Al T"

Washburn Jennifer Batten

Zolla/USACG Strat

Current Acoustic Instruments

Fender FR-50CE Resonator

Godin Multiac Nylon

Suzuki Violin Company Classical (my first guitar)

Tacoma Papoose

Takamine Acoustic

Taylor 354ce

Taylor 614ce

Taylor Baritone 8-string

Taylor BTO

Taylor Spring 2011 LTD Mahogany GS

The Kid's Guitars

USA Custom Guitars Mini-Tele

For Sale Guitars:

Carvin SH65 w/Bigsby

Danelectro Clapton

Ibanez JEM77BRMR

Mario Martin Guitar Mill Serpentine

PRS Modern Eagle I

Tacoma M1E Mandolin

Past Gear

Alembic Epic Bass

Agile Fretless Les Paul


BC Rich Warlock

Brian Moore i8.13

Brian Moore i88.13

Carvin BB75 Bass

Carvin HF2 Holdsworth Fatboy

Carvin V220

Charvel 25th Anniversary

Charvel EVH Art Series Black/White

Charvel EVH Art Series Red/Black/White

Charvel Bullseye

Charvel Custom Shop

Charvel "Dweezil"

Charvel Jason Becker Prototype

Charvel Legend

Charvel Model 3

Charvel Model 5

Charvel Model 6

Charvel Partsworth

Charvel Red Strat

Charvel San Dimas Reissue

Charvel San Dimas Star

Charvel San Dimas Style 2

Charvel "Solar" Limited Run

Charvel Stickoblaster

Charvel Star

Charvel Star Bass

Charvel/Musikraft Esquire

Cheap Parts Telecaster

Cool Parts Telecaster

Crafter Acoustic/Electric Mandolin

Custom Baritone Tele

Custom Speed Racer Double Neck

Custom Telecaster (USA Custom Guitars/Warmoth)

Danelectro U-2

Dean USA Hardtail

Edwards Mini Les Paul Custom


Epiphone Banjo

Epiphone Mandobird

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom

Fender 1978 Antigua Stratocaster

Fender 1978 Antigua Telecaster

Fender 1997 Collector's Edition Stratocaster

Fender '72 Custom Classic Telecaster

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

Fender Antigua Reissue Strat and Tele

Fender Blue Flower reissue

Fender Buddy Guy Stratocaster

Fender Coronado II

Fender Custom Shop '60s Closet Classic

Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Strat

Fender Custom Shop Tele

Fender Esquire GT

Fender James Burton Signature Tele

Fender Mini-Humbucker Scalloped Neck Mutt

Fender Paislery Tele Reissue

Fender Ritchie Blackmore Signature Stratocaster

Fender Robin Trower Custom Shop Tribute Strat

Fender Roland Ready Stratocaster

Fender Roland Ready Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster Junior

Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat

Fender Yngwie 89

Fender/Warmoth Partscaster

Fender/Warmoth Roland Strat

Fernandes Darth Vader Nomad

Flame guitar

Floyd Rose V24 Arrow

G & L Rampage

Gibson Custom Shop ES-335

Gibson Blueshawk

Gibson ES-225

Gibson ES-137 Custom

Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom

Gibson Les Paul '54 Goldtop Historic

Gibson Les Paul '54 Oxblood Historic

Gibson Les Paul '59 Historic

Gibson Les Paul BFG

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul VOS R9

Gibson Schenker Style Flying V

Gibson SG Classic

GMP Elite

GMP Roxie


GMW Camo Tele

GMW Frankie

GMW Green Meanie

GMW Heineken V

GMW Star


GMW Strat

GMW Tele


Godin LGXT

Godin Spectrum

Gretsch 6118

Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod

Gretsch SparkleJet

Grosh Retro Classic

Guild J-65 12-string

Ibanez Euphoria EP-7

Ibanez JEM7BSB


Ibanez JEM777DY

Ibanez JEM77FP

Ibanez JEM77GMC

Ibanez Floral JEM

Ibanez RG420GK

Ibanez RG Custom

Ibanez PS-10 II

Ibanez Universe

Ibanez UV777

Heritage 535

Jackson Custom Diamond Plate Kelly

Jackson Custom Shop XTRR

Jackson Disrupter

Jackson Hot Rod Flames JJ

Jackson JCF-01

Jackson JCF-02 "Big Red" King V

Jackson JJ-1

Jackson JJ2

Jackson "Kingcorde" V

Jackson Korina Explorer

Jackson KV2T

Jackson NAMM Show Jazzmaster

Jackson PC-1

Jackson PC-1 Flamed Limited Run

Jackson Roswell Rhoads

Jackson San Dimas Student Rhoads

Jackson Seattle Skyline SL-1

Jackson "Stryper" Rhoads

Jackson Telly

Jackson Tie Dye SL-1

Line 6 Variax Bass 705

Line 6 Variax 500 #1

Line 6 Variax 500 #2

Line 6 Variax 600

Line 6 Variax 700

Mid-Missouri EM-4 Electic Mandolin

Misc. Gear

Music Man Albert Lee Dargie Delight 2

Music Man Big "Al" Dargie Delight 2

Music Man 5-string Stingray

Music Man 7-string Petrucci

OLP Music Man 5-string copy

Oscar Schmidt OE 30

Parker "Belew" Mojo Fly

Parker Bronze Fly

Parker P-36

Peavey Wolfgang

PRS McCarty

PRS Korina Mira

PRS Mira

PRS Modern Eagle Limited

PRS Santana III

PRS Santana SE Abraxas


Rogue Mini Tele

Rogue Sitar

Scalloped Partscaster Strat

Schecter Loomis FR

Spector NS-4

Squier Hello Kitty (black)


Steinberger Bass/Guitar double neck

Steinberger Newburgh

Suhr Classic

Suhk Pro


Taylor 314ce

Taylor NS-52

Taylor T5-C2

Taylor T5

USA Custom Guitars Tele

Warmoth Fretless Strat

Warmoth/Jackson Rhoads

Washburn D333 Dimebag Darrell Signature Model

Warmoth/GMW Warlock

Warmoth/Musikraft Tele

Warmoth Strat

Warmoth Strat


Zion Turbo