Summer NAMM 2005

Korina/Spalted Maple Kelly and Mike Learn Carbon

FYI, the Kelly went to Washington Music Center according to the tag.

Mike Learn Koi

This guitar is simply amazing in person

Dan Lawrence

Note the knob!

Wacky Bass (whatever it's called) and the Spalted Maple topped Kelly

Strathead PC1

Saturday morning before breakfeast

From left to right: Stuka (Scott), Cujo (Joe), MrsDrabicki (Amy), Joel

Killer Orange Soloist

Matt's Music has this one I believe


The Learn's

Two of the coolest people on the planet. Mike, I still owe ya a beer.

Mike Learn and some guy

Dan's handiwork up close

Mike's handiwork up close

Check out the detail on the headstock!

I believe the trussrod cover was done by HuntingDoug on the JCF

Mike's headstock craft

...and my bad photography

Another snap of Mike's headstock

Benedetto's are beautiful

Guild's not too shabby either!

Can you like these?

I really like these


another feeble attempt to capture this beauty

White and Red Robin Trower Strats

Floyd Rose V's

These guitars are brilliant. I played the black one on the other side of the rack. It was pure joy to play this guitar. The setup was stellar. The tone was great. I will own one of these. They didn't have the Korina Customs on display - those are going to rule!

Heritage beauty

WTF? Retarded Staxx guitar

As if the guitar wasn't a bad enough idea, they made a bass.

Hi, I'm a dork. I play a booby guitar.

I can't believe they made more than one of these stupid things.

I can't believe I took 3 pictures of these stupid things

Waaaarrrior....come out and plaaayeeeee

Warriors are beautiful

more Warriors

still more Warriors

still more Warriors

yep, still more Warriors

see a trend yet?

stay tuned for another Warrior

And the stupidist idea of the show award goes to...

Oh yeah dude, the Whammy pedal will trick people into thinking that is not a stupid product

This thing makes a MIDI bagpipe seem like a good idea

Now that's cool. There were a bunch of these.

String Swing stand

I want one

String Swing stand

String Swing stand

Very nice Ernie Ball

Sorry about the picture - it was beautiful in person. Rosewood neck and top.

Stuka and Cujo

Cujo did not want us to capture him wearing the sign for all eternity


He tore it as Scott spun him around - you get the idea. Good thing that Gary Hoey left before it came to this :)

Now Cujo wants his picture taken

I really like this guitar

Fender Signature models



More Charvels

Matt's Music got the blue quilt top

And more Charvels

Mucho coolio

Dig the logo on the headstock!

The Jackson display

Can't have too many pics of this one!

Spalted beauty closeup

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders - two Trowers in the middle

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders

Custom Shop Fenders with matching skateboards